General information

We offer many different payment methods to validate a command.

Depending on the amount of the order, the mode of successful delivery or delivery address, certain modes of regulation will be available. You will find in the menu above the detail of the regulation means generally accepted.

Credit card

Our website is secured


For all your card bank (Carte Bleue, Visa, Eurocard Mastercard) payments and E - credit card, the transaction is secured by SSL encryption technology. All your payment details are encrypted from your computer to the server of the Bank. This information remain confidential and cannot be seen or used without your knowledge.


Credit card, Visa or Mastercard

This payment method allows fast processing of orders!

  •          Shipping flow

The bank card is made only when the command is prepared, when the package of articles, either during their transmission to the installation (if included or selected Assembly) service.
Therefore, the bank card is not performed if the order is not posted by yourself or by our care.
Therefore, the bank card is not performed until all items are in stock.
The bank card is therefore not directly performed during the passage of command.

The flow rate "shipping" does not apply to virtual credit card (e-card). 
These cards are debited upon confirmation of order for essential technical reasons.


  •          Ceiling of payment

Most cards, debit immediate or delayed debit, have a maximum ceiling of payment of the order of € 1,500.
The ceiling of payment is defined contractually between the holder of the credit card and the issuing bank.
The payment ceiling is calculated on a rolling 30-day period.

Any request for payment (validation of payment with card information entry) is accounted for in the calculation of the ceiling, referred to as "pre-debit": even if an order is cancelled and never charged, the amount of the pre-debit remains unavailable in the calculation of the ceiling. In other words, if you posted the payment of an amount of €1,000 corresponding to an order on another website, € 1,000 are blocked for 30 days even if the order was cancelled. You can now control only to the extent of € 500 for 30 days.

You can then ask your banker a temporary increase in the CAP.


  •          My Bank assures me that MLID already charged my card


It's the same issue as described in the previous paragraph: the Bank has certainly confused the pre-debit who stop the amount of order, and the actual rate. You can also check on your bank statements or your bank's website.

Make sure to ask for a fax number to your bank Advisor, we can fax him rapidly these explanations.



If you have a Paypal account and a credit card associated with this account, it will be possible to use this method of payment for your order provided that all items in your shopping cart are available in stock (excluding delivery to our Paris shop). Think, at the end of regulation Paypal to confirm your order (follow the recommendations of Paypal in the regulation). The levy will be made via Paypal following confirmation of the order on our website. Attention, except as part of a new order, send directly a Paypal settlement 


Bank transfer (in Euros)

We accept payment by transfer for any order (excluding delivery relay and shop). Upon validation of the receipt of the transfer by our services, the command may itself be validated. 
Attention: the equipment is not reserved until we actually mistake regulation. If you want to be delivered as quickly as possible, we recommend a settlement by credit card. Payment by bank transfer may be proposed to you for delivery in relay or shop MLID.

Here are our bank details:

Bank: CIC
Bank code: 10096
Stop: 18119
Account no: 00059768201
RIB key: 67
IBAN: FR76 1009 6181 1900 0597 6820 167

Important: Please specify your order in wording of the operation number

Caution: This is an account established in France, Belgian, Swiss, or an account holder customers abroad are therefore requested to establish an international transfer.

  •          I make a transfer from a Belgian account  or French  . I particular expenses to bear?

Your bank may charge only the standard of a transfer rate (often free if done online from your bank account, and it rarely exceeds a few euros at the box office). 
For our Belgian or hold a bank account customers from of a member country of the euro zone, no additional fees may be required because it was an international transfer.

  •          How long is required for my transfer is taken into account?

The transfers come to us usually in 2 to 4 business days. We can validate its regulation to J + 1 after its receipt on our account (working days): we always confirm via email.

3-5 days are usually necessary for the order is posted after the transfer shipment.

  •          I have a bank account located off Eurozone (Switzerland including). What should I do?

Regulation must reach us in Euro. 

The transfer fees are your responsibility: this option, usually named 'free of charge to the beneficiary', must be chosen.

A question?Do not hesitate to contact us through the following form: CLICK HERE


SEPA bank transfer (in Euros)

We accept payment by automatic bank transfert (SEPA). Upon confirmation of receipt of electronically signed SEPA mandate, the order may itself be validated. 
Caution: the material is not reserved until we actually were validating settlement. If you want to be delivered as quickly as possible, we recommend payment by credit card.


When you complete and electronically sign the SEPA mandate, you authorize MLID to charge the amount established by the invoice. You also authorize MLID to use this mandate to settle future invoices created with the SEPA Credit Transfer option.

The costs of the transfer are your responsibility: This option, usually called 'net costs for the beneficiary' must always be chosen. 

Any questions do not hesitate to contact us through the following form: CLICK HERE

Good purchasing

A good purchasing, regardless of its mode of production, acts as a reduction. It may be seized during the validation of the order. Once the code is entered, the reduction is automatically applied to your order and appears in detail in your shopping cart.

  •          My coupon code is not accepted by the system?

Each voucher is valid according to certain criteria. For example:

-Date of validity;
-Minimum amount of order required;
-Validity on a site;
-Code related to a single client account;
-Can be combined with a promotion or.

If the good seems to correspond to the use that is made, please contact our customer service (contact information below).

  •          I found a coupon on a site that does not belong to MLID. It does not work?

We provide no support for good published by sites third party and who were not directly addressed by email (newsletters or live).



Assets are generally obtained as a result of a change in control or a return material. It is an amount credited to the account. 

A credit is usable during 1 year from the date of establishment.Has u beyond this period, it is neither refundable nor due on an invoice.


Having established after September 17, 2013

If your having been established after the date of September 17, you see it in your client workspace in the "your vouchers / assets" after you be identified. May may not appear if regulations are current on your account. (e.g. payment CB 3 times deadlines, etc.)


You want to use your having to pay for your order? Nothing easier!

  •          If this credit (or all available assets) is of an amount greater than the total amount of your order (including shipping costs), simply place an order on our website by choosing equity which will be proposed with the other means of settlement. The remaining amount available following this command will be shown on the part your bills of purchases/assets your client space.
  •          If this credit (or all available assets) is an amount less than the total amount of your order (including shipping), you can place an order on our website by selecting the credit (s) available and then fill in the sum by proposed regulation means then.

Having established before September 17, 2013, or not visible in your customer area

This amount is not usable with a discount code in the same way as a good purchasing. However, it may be deducted from the amount of your order according to the following procedure: 

  •          If this credit is an amount greater than the total amount of your order (including shipping costs), simply place an order on our website by choosing a regulation by cheque or bank transfer and fill out the form below to notify us of this transaction
  •          If this is for an amount less than the total amount of your order (including shipping), you can place an order on our website by choosing a regulation by cheque or bank transfer and fill out the form below to notify us of this transaction. The payment for this command can be adjusted by credit card by contacting our services by telephone or by cheque or by transfer by deducting yourself the amount of equity in your new command (amount of the cheque or the complementary transfer order amount = (including postage) -amount of equity).