Shipping costs

Many criteria are taken into account in order to identify the most suited to the command mode. Our desire is to offer you the most accurate shipping charges. The weight and the volume of the material come into account, as well as the geographical area of delivery.


General information

We use the services of different carriers, selected depending on delivery, the volume and weight of shipped materials areas.

At a minimum, the "standard delivery" will be proposed. The mode of transport is then left to our choice.

Other modes of delivery are usually offered in addition. A little further down this list on this page will give you more information, carrier by carrier.


  •          Preparation of the order

Except the time commitment (this is the case of the Chronopost), the choice of the carrier does not influence the preparation of the package. For example, a delivery by Chronopost classic will be prepared within the usual time limits (generally 24 to 48 H for available items, once the set command), but delivered the day after the preparation.


  •          I don't have access to all modes of delivery!

Although we strive to leave a maximum of choice with regard to the mode of carrier, constraints related to the shipping address of the product, its nature, its weight or volume or its availability we do not always offer the possibility to choose an expedition via all of our carriers. We strive always, where possible, propose a maximum of choice to our customers.
To learn more, please read the FAQ linked to the mode of transport for which you want to opt.

  •          I was delivered by a carrier that wasn't the chosen when ordering?

Very exceptionally, and because we are have been forced (temporary problem not provided on a destination, parcels whose specificity had not been taken into account initially for example), we may need to choose a carrier different expressly chosen when ordering. Where appropriate, we always choose a carrier with the same characteristics: If, for example, you had opted for a 24 h delivery, then we will maintain a delivery within 24 hours.

However, these changes are very rare and still linked destinations or very specific products. In General, if we couldn't, by extraordinary situation, our initial commitments, we will contact you.




Mode of delivery:


For your small package, we offer you to choose between: 
TNT expressdelivery, delivered the next day if order placed before 11: 00 
-delivery by our technician, by appointment.